Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Day of Work

Friday was my last day of work at my job as a Math Teacher! My next job is to have a baby!Are they happy or sad that I am leaving? Hard to tell! I will miss them!
Cutting the cake!
Petula and daughter Plaides!
At the assembly, Hans spoke some nice words about me!
Bernadette and Hans!
Currently there are 80 students enrolled!
The school year is off to a great start! It will be weird not being there!
Thursday the math and science classes had did a lab on density!
Freddy had an accident!

Thursday lunch in the park! Our school is located across the street from the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park!


Anonymous 11:53 PM  

Nice memory. I know they will miss you! It seems like a nice place to work. I know there is always good and bad at all places, but it looks like they wanted to give you a special send off! Enjoy your new job!!!
(Lyle is mailing the dust ruffle and sheets tomorrow. Hopefully they will be there BEFORE little BEE!)
Grandma-to-Bee ...buzzzz!

Waiting for Bambeeno 11:44 PM  

By the looks of things I believe you're gonna have a baby. Who'da thought. Love the green crib. Miss you!...Aunty

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