Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thai Yoga Massage

Hello Everyone,
Winter is finally here in New York. It is kind of fun walking in snow flurries. It is much better than rain. Cory and I have been staying inside alot and thus we haven't been taking many pictures. I thought I would reminisce on a picture from a few months ago.
I had a fun filled day on Sunday. It started with Church where we are learning about "Fears", then I took an intro to Thai Yoga Massage from my work. I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am meeting with one of the girls to practice what we learned. She is a yoga instructor and her bio online says that she has taught Demi Moore, Keith Richards, and the Dutchess of York. Fun!
I looked into going to the Bahamas to get my certification in Thai Yoga massage but the cost kept adding up. Does anyone have $2000 to spare. Don't think of it as spending money, think of it as a pre-payment on 33 hour and a half Thai Yoga massages. I can take the first half of the class at my work but I won't be able to get certified since the second half isn't until November.

After the massage class I had another improv class and this time I didn't have to be the "mute" in the back.

Cory is going to be on set of Law and Order again tomorrow. He will be a volunteer for a film festival. Cory won't have any trouble fitting in!


Wet and Wild in Norcal 4:50 PM  

I'll have a order of Thai yoga and can you make that spicy? Deelicious!

It's just a friend o mine saying.. 4:54 PM  

If Keith Richards is into it, sign me up. I want to be a opiate enbalmed walking mummy too!

Anonymous 5:59 PM  

Hey, I want that summer picture off there! Give me something more representative of the current conditions....like only your eyes showing. Midget

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