Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Original

Cory and I now have matching Clark Wallabees. They were a present from Lyle and Marlene (Thanks again) and we love them. They feel like you are walking on marshmallows. Go and try on a pair and you will know what I mean.

Tonight I went to Alphabet City (located on the lower east side of Manhattan). We had an improv 101 class reunion at one of the girl's apartments. We watched our show that she edited and put in on a DVD. We all get along really well, so if was fun laughing at ourselves on the DVD. I am in the next level of improv class which starts next Sunday night. I hope my new class is as much fun.

I just talked to Nathan and he is at the airport in CA on his way to NY. He will be here very soon!


Anonymous 2:36 PM  

Thanks for the picture of the toasted marshmallow shoes...hope they last till you get back here. Oh yeah Happy Birthday Elvis. Wouldn't you know, Nathan hits town and stinks the place up. Anyway have a great time together and be kind when you talk about me. Midget

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