Thursday, January 18, 2007

Auntie Annie

More zoo pictures. Can you see the baby monkey? Speaking of babies...We am going to be Auntie Annie and Uncle Cory very soon. I just found out that Philip and Allyson are having a girl (due April 28th)!!! I can't wait to dress her in a cute little strawberry dress.
I had a record of three tutoring sessions in a row tonight. The rain and snow couldn't keep me from arriving on time to each of them. The cab ride (payed for by the company) sure helped. One of my student's lives across the street from the Natural History Museum (second picture). They live on the 17th floor and they have a great view. If I could, I would move in tongight!
I still can't believe that since Cory and I have been in New York we have had better weather than back home. I am still waiting for the big snow storm.


Anonymous 11:25 PM  

i hope that the "big snow storm" waits another 2 weeks. crutches + snow = not good.

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