Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seeing John Malkovich

Cory, Kristian, and John Malkovich were the only ones on the South side of Rooselvelt Island on Monday. It looked as though John was filming an independant project. Early that day while riding an escalator the boys saw Chris Burke (AKA "Corky" from the 80's T.V. drama "Life Goes On"). He was on the up escalator and he had purchased nothing.

Kristian at a snow covered cemetary.

Cory and Kristian went to the Natural History Museum. Cory is standing next to the "Squid and the Whale."
Here is Kristian's cousin, Eric and his family. They are moving from Manhattan to San Fransico next week. We had fun hanging out with them.
Kristian gave me some pictures he took of me at my birthday at the Thomas' house.


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