Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday we went to Times Square at 3pm and already it was really crazy. You can see the tower where the ball drops from. I couldn't believe how many people were already there. That was enough Times Square for us! We headed to Roosevelt Island to spend our New Years. We took the air tram over to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan Island. Ro0sevelt feels more like an island because you can walk all the way around and you can't get off of the island by foot. Is is the most peaceful place. I love getting to look at the city from a different view. It really puts things into perspective. We walked all the way around the island and we came in contact with only a handful of people. Cory was on the phone talking with Joe (the boys are back from Africa) standing on the southern point of the island. We were prepared with our warm clothes but the weather was so nice I was sweating. The island only has one Starbucks, one diner, one chinese food place, a Gristedes and a handful of other small businesses. So, we read our books and drank coffee in the Starbucks, had dinner at the Chinese food place, sat and talked in the Gristedes, and used the bathroom at the diner. I overhead the drunk guys saying "I can't wait until another bar opens up on this island so I can stop coming to this dump." We were so close to Manhattan yet so far away. You can't walk down a street without there being a ten bars to choose from. We had fun exploring the island and seeing new things. When midnight approached we went to the water to watch the fireworks. We saw the firworks from Brooklyn, South Street Seaport in Manhattan and we could see flashing lights from Central Park. It was a beautiful sight.
2007, The best New Years ever.


Aunty Shelley 8:24 PM  

Happy New Year. Here in Lemoore we were in bed by 10. Miss that city! Love you guys.

DennisMeister 7:08 AM  

Glad to hear a happy new one was had. Here in Hamburg we were in bed by 6. I will miss this city. Am very fond of you two.

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