Monday, January 15, 2007


Nathan is now in Boston visiting his best friend. My favorite part of his visit was going to the zoo with him. He is a great person to take to a zoo. the tiger exhibit was fun because they were so close to us! I forgot to tell everyone that it snowed last week for about two minutes. It was reall cool. You can see white flecks in the picture I took of my street.

On Saturday my voice was hoarse but by Saturday night it was completely gone. It was the firt time I have ever lost my voice. It is not fun, but it does make you realize how little words actually need to be spoken.

Sunday I got my hair redone at Wella Studios again. It was a creative corrective color class and I had a team of three ladies working on my hair. There was no pay involved this time but I needed to get it done again. I have already made $600 off my hair so they can have a free one this time. I couldn't talk but it was probably best that I wasn't able to.

I went to my first 201 improv class last night. I just had to watch so that has been the worst part of this experience.

Today my voice is back to the hoarse voice. Or the "sexy" voice if any of you have watched that Friends episode.

A few minutes ago I got a call from Central Casting and this time they want me to be an extra on Law and Order for this Wednesday. I had to decline because I tutor in the afternoon.

Our next guest will be Kristian Bringard. He will be arriving a week from Wednesday. He was the one who broke both of this ankles but now he is doing much better and he can even walk!


mom 2:24 PM  

I like the corrected color. I am sorry about your voice. It is good to see pictures again. I know you are a busy girl! Love and miss you!

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