Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Friday Night and the Mood is Right

We had some fun and were going to show you how it's done! Lots of New Yorkers were out this Friday evening as we walked through Chelsea down to the West Village. It helped that it was warm outside. It sprinkled a little today but on our walk we had no rain until we reached our block on our way home. It is nice going out to eat in New York because you get to "walk it off" as you go home. The sidewalks are filled with "used" Christmas trees. This wreath must have been on a very large door. We did some window shopping and I admired all of the #5's. I like taking pictures of cool numbers in New York in hopes of using them in my math website. I hope everyone had a nice Friday night.


Mom 5:03 PM  

Great Pics! Cut out the trash and Cory looks like a late Christmas Card.
Great weather there...enjoy!

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