Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Tonight we celebrated with Bee at 6pm (New Year's in Paris!) before she went to bed.
Now it is after 1am here in Brooklyn. Cory and I celebrated the New Year by staying home and working on our projects! We like to have productive New Year's!

Picture from today!
Bee is a happy girl!

On Wednesday Clem came over and we got to have another Christmas celebration. We exchanged presents and ate cupcakes that Clem brought.
Thank you Clem! Bee loves her new blocks and busy bee bib!
Another Christmas present arrived. A new baby doll!!!
Thank you so much Grandpa Robert and Grandma Jill!
Bee loves her so much.
She makes sure to give her baby plenty of fluids...
...and she makes sure she eats her veggis!
Last Sunday Bee was in the nursery with her buddies! She loves going to the nursery. Bee looks a little upset in the picture because as soon as she sees me she gets a little emotional! In a few months she will be moving up to the toddler room!!!

On the way to the Children's museum Bee fell asleep in her stroller so I took a minute to take a picture in front of the "Bee's" graffiti.


Happynhanford 2:24 AM  

Darling pictures of Bee! Happy New Year to you too! I called, but no answer. Hope you got a lot done on your projects. I am loving that new tooth I see Bee has cut!
Love you all!

Three's Company at the Secondo's 9:30 AM  

Bees' already sneaking out at night taggin' the town. Go Bee Go. Happy New Year from the other coast. Love you!

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