Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bird Watching In Central Park

We took Bee to the zoo in Central Park! It is now my favorite zoo!
The rainforest is amazing! The animals are free to move and fly around. As you walk you have to make sure you don't hit a bird or get hit by a flying bird! It's so fun! Bee love it too! We wish Bee's Uncle Nate and Aunt Meg were here because they love birds!

It was fun to watch the sea lions because you could get really close to them!
Bee's biggest cat she has ever seen!
Bee loves her teddy bears and these two polar bears are her first live bears she has seen!
Bee walked everywhere with her daddy!
A really neat part of this zoo is the Children's Zoo! There are many interactive things for the kids to do and the ground is paved with a spongy type material! We will be coming here a lot this year!
Bee saw so many birds and ducks at the zoo. I was amazed at all the unique types!

I just noticed that Bee and this Alpaca seem to be wearing a similar hat!
Dr. Mcauliff where are you? Dr. Mcauliff was mine and Cory's orthodontist back in California!

Bee and the birds! Bee's current way to sign "bird" is by placing one finger on her mouth.


Jon and Jolie 5:55 PM  

We love the zoo! And Ethan loves to sign Bird, too!

Happynhanford 7:54 PM  

What a great zoo! It is nice that Bee is not afraid of the animals to come up to her. Very cute video of her friendly wave! Love the pink snow suit. She is a doll!
Nice place to visit!
Hugs to all,

Bakka 11:23 AM  

that bird was sitting on cory's head. dr mcauliff was my orthodontist too.....

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