Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15 Month Old Baby Bee

Bee turned 15 Months old on the 13th of this month! Bee wanted to sit in the grown up chair for her picture! She even went to her closet and picked this dress out herself! They grow up so fast! Pretty soon she will be putting on makeup and shaving her legs!
A 15 month old has a really good life except for the teething pain. She is getting 3 molars at once and it is no fun. This picture was taken Saturday night around midnight because Bee woke up in pain and couldn't go back to sleep for a few hours. She insisted on eating her yogurt from the container and I obliged her.
Sue Rock held a "Sewing for Haiti" event this past Monday. Tons of people came out to make clothes to send to Haiti. We were working on wrap skirts. I was working on sorting the fabric.
Outside we were sorting the fabric to be cut and sewn into skirts.
The place was filled with volunteers!
A met a lot of people from the neighborhood. This is Nora! There were about a dozen ladies sewing the skirts!
Sue Rock!
Bee received a package in the mail today from her Mimi and Papa. She is modeling the dress that Mimi made and her new shoes! Thank you Mimi and Papa!!!
Video of Bee looking at her new book! Mimi and Papa made a book just for Bee! It has pictures of them with animals! Bee loves it!


Happynhanford 9:23 PM  

OHHHHHH Sooooooo Cute!!!! The video is priceless! The boots were not necessarily for the jumper, but I hope she loves them. I am glad she likes the book! It was fun to make.
Hugs and kisses to all!

Jon and Jolie 5:54 PM  

Happy 15 month birthday Bee! Annie, I totally feel you on the teething pain. . . ethan's getting his canine teeth right now and I have decided that they are worse than the molars (sorry about that!). Maybe I should have fed him yogurt last night at midnight. . . at least he would have been happy. lol.

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