Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time in the City!

Merry Christmas 2009 from the Cory, Annie and Bee!
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Praise God for all his blessings!!!

We love our families! They are all in CA so we did lots of phone calls and video chats!

Meg, Nate, Papa Lyle, Mimi Marlene, and Great Grandma Lois!
Great Papa Tom, Great Grandma Asta, Grandma Jill, Papa Robert, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Tommy!
Our Charlie Brown Tree and presents!
We don't have a mantle in this house! Bee's socks from last year and her stocking I made her. Each year she will get something new added to her stocking.
We have started our Bruce family traditions...

First up...stocking opening!
Bee likes her kitty on her stocking. She is playing with the bell on the kitty's collar. I took the bell off of a Christmas shirt of mine!

Pancake breakfast!
Gift opening! Bee was really good and tearing into the gifts!
Teddy spent Christmas with us!

Hello? Bee's new phone!
Teddy brought us an awesome Rosemary Tree. It smells so great! I think I will try to keep this tradition up too! Rosemary tree each Christmas! I hope I can keep it alive a long time!
Chatting with Teddy's family back in Canada!

Another tradition...Fort constructing!

Bee talking on her phone.

Bee is so excited to get her new mini baby doll!


Happynhanford 3:16 PM  

It's very frustrating watching Annie open that present. D

Happynhanford 7:07 PM  

Great Christmas I Chats! Love the tent! That giggly baby is the cutest! The laughing is infectious! Loved the phone conversation even though her receiver was going the wrong direction!
Love you all!

Three's Company at the Secondo's 8:11 PM  

Bee is alot more patient than you were at that age Annie. You used to do that thing with tour hands also. Merry Christmas!

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