Thursday, January 21, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

For the most part everyone that meets Bee says she looks just like Cory. I think they are right! The other day Cory noticed that he was wearing similar color pants to Bee so I took some "twin" pictures! When Cory sticks out his belly they look exactly alike!

"Touch Daddy's nose!"
Jumping his fun with daddy.
Cory and Bee left the house a minute before I did and when I caught up to them I couldn't believe what I saw. Bee was walking down our block by herself! (Cory was right with her) I'm usually pushing her in the stroller or carrying her but this for the first time it was like running into my daughter on the street! It is so cool seeing her walk. Now she loves to walk around the block!
We went to the Brooklyn Museum and walked around all of the fun art!
Bee is signing "book."
Tooth update: Two of the three new molars have started to appear above the gum lines. It's nice to see progress with her teeth because it helps to justify all of the pain/grumpiness Bee has been dealing with! Hopefully Bee will be feeling better today!


Happynhanford 7:47 PM  

Daddy and Daughter....Oh too funny! Twins for sure!
Bee looks so cute in that Red Ridinghood coat!
Love the little girl in the huge museum!
Keep posting!
Love ya all,

Amy and Gaia Rose 8:35 PM  

But is he REALLY sticking out his belly or is all your tasty organic cooking sticking on his belly?! Soo Cute.

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