Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Art is all around us

Bee and I went to Amy and Gaia's house this afternoon! The girls got to try on their new matching outfits! They were made by Bee's Mimi! Thank you Mimi! You are so great! Check out Mimi's latest blog about her new sewing machine. I can't wait to see what fun things she will make with it!

The outfits are reversible!
Bee giving Gaia a kiss!
We got the girls all set up to finger paint but little Bee got a few seconds in and she had enough! She is signing "all done" to me.
Gaia made a piece of art! Her mom is an artist too! Look at Bee in the background. She wanted to play with Gaia's fun toys!
Bee's first pictures! I helped her steady the camera but she clicked this 3 pictures!

Bee is so cool! She likes to put on her sunglasses and she asks me to put this sweater on her whenever she sees it. I think she likes it because it is soft.
Ryan, Cory, Bee and Alex. Alex was in town for the holidays. His parents flew from Germany to meet him and his sister in NY (his sis lives in Manhattan). We showed him around our neighborhood!


Happynhanford 11:49 PM  

Very cute girls! Artists in the making! Good to see Alex in NYC!
Love you all!
Bee's Mimi

Amy and Gaia Rose 10:53 AM  

These are the cutest pics ever. I can't believe it.

Travel_with_a_purpose 11:01 AM  

Life with children is an adventure, isn't it? Great pictures.

Three's Company at the Secondo's 5:52 PM  

I'm going to take the queue from the girls and do my next painting project in the buff. The neighbors might get grossed out, but hey it will make a great blog. Cute dresses and babies!

Jenna 10:14 PM  

hi Annie and Bee!
bee is such a cutie and getting bigger and more hair too! We have your signing dvd. Have to return to you. James started signing right away after he watched it... would love to see you again soon. Hope you are staying warm, jenna and james

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