Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Card Time

It is time to get the Christmas Cards in the mail! I received two of them today! I know it's not too late for me to get mine out but I don't think it's going to happen this year. is our attempt at a family photo for our Holiday card via our blog!

We went to Macy's to visit Santa! The line is long but it moves fast and the long spiraled line is filled with lots of holiday displays! The elf told me that there is only one Santa Claus, but truth is at Macy's there is about a half dozen Santa's, each in their own little Santa Hut!

Merry Christmas???

Before we went to Macy's we went to ABC Carpet and Home near Union Square. We thought
Santa was here but we found out he is only there on the weekends! So, we enjoyed taking Bee around the store to explore! Here she is standing on a $4,000 rug!

The curtain display was a lot of fun!
Today we went to the Brooklyn Museum. It's only a few minute walk from our house! Bee really had a good time walking around! She liked these chairs!

Bee loved walking around the Museum. Here she is in front of the old house inside the museum.
Egyptian art! We took this picture for Mimi because for some reason I think she told me that she likes the Egyptian art alot! Mimi is this true?
We went next door to the BBG to meet up with Alice and mama Anna!
Bee enjoyed opening the package from Mimi and Papa! If this had been a video you would have seen Bee trying to bite through the plastic to get to the yummy cookies! Thank you Mimi and Papa!
I have a few videos to put up but for some reason that are not uploading well tonight. I will try tomorrow!


Three's Company at the Secondo's 12:07 AM  

Bee looks like she loves Santa! Time to have a few toddies and read Santa Land Diaries by David Sedaris. The quinessential American Christmas story. Love ya...Aunty

Happynhanford 3:32 PM  

If you give a Bee a cookie.... also Mimi loves Mummies. L

Happynhanford 7:47 PM  

Love the Santa pictures! This is a great memory picture for the future! She will love Santa later!
For the last 8 years, I taught Early Egyptian history. Very interesting. That is why we spent some time in that part of the museum. It is wonderful to see the artifacts!
Glad the box got there. The poor girl will finally have an outfit to wear. I know she has to wear the same old thing, day in and day out! NOT!

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