Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inside Activities with Bee

Hanging out with Bee is a lot of fun!
We have been spending more inside time a lot more lately now that the weather has gotten colder.

Bee loves to read her books! I like to watch her entertain herself at her bookshelf!

Her masterpiece is complete!
Video of Bee fingerpainting!

Felix started walking!!! Way to go Felix! We miss you! (Bryna and Felix are in SC visiting Grandma until the middle of January while there new house is being renovated in Brooklyn).

Cory and I went out to eat with Joe and Hillary at a Ethiopian Restaurant in Park Slope! It was our first Ethipian experience! It was better than expected! We shared the vegetairian combo plate. No silverware...just the injera, the sourdough pancake-like bread. The food may not look so great but it is amazing!!! We had a great time. Thanks Joe and Hillary and thanks Bryant for coming to our house to watch over the sleeping Bee! Bryant and I are going to be babysitting for each other at least once a month so we can go out with our husbands!

We had so much food that we took the leftovers home and we enjoyed them the next day. We all didn't think the leftovers would be tasty but it was one of the best restaurant leftovers I have ever had!

Back to the museum! It is so much fun following Bee around. She likes to walk everwhere!
Gardening Bee! The texture of the fake dirt is really fun.
Staytuned for the next blog! It will have snow pictures from the Brooklyn Blizzard we just had!


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