Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bee in December

Bee has been up to a lot of things here in Brooklyn. She is getting her back molars in! The first one has made it to the surface. Ouch! She is having a little trouble teething! Something else not so fun is that Bee, Cory and I were all sick! First Bee, then me, then Cory! I won't go into the details but it wasn't pretty. Here is my attempt at getting caught up with my blogging.

Bee playing her with her new set of egg toys from Grandpa Robert and Grandma Jill and yes she is sitting on a gigantic keyboard (thank goodness for rummage sales).
We went to Narobi's for their one-year anniversary party!
Bee cruising the neighborhood on her new ride!

Bee had to get her blood drawn for her lead test (routine test for all one year olds). I thought she looked cute in her bandage. Here she is hanging with her baby doll and a good book!Gaia and Mia! Mia is in Germany for 3 months! We miss you Mia!

My cuddly family!Who me?

Thankgiving 2009! We went to Hillary and Joe's new apartment for Thanksgiving! Hillary is with child too! 14 weeks! Yea for babies!
I love the view from their apartment!

Hillary made a great pumpkin pie!

Bee loves to pull a bunch of books of the shelf!
Bee hanging with her buddy Chukama at Lily and Fig's (Lily's son).
Bee has been signing more and more words! Here I think she is trying to sign the word for camera.
At the BBG I was admiring the crabapple trees!
I think my little crabapple had enough nature for one day!

Bee and Edgar!
Mommy meet up time!

Bee on the slide!

Where is Bee? She loves this game!



Happynhanford 12:28 PM  

These are sooooo cute! Glad you are feeling better. It is amazing how those teeth come in! You'll all make it, but sometimes it is a bumpy road!
Bee has great coats and winter wear! Does she have any gloves or mittens? I will get her some it you want.
My favorite is the video where she says "NO!" to kissing herself. That will become an often heard word for a long time!
Love to all! Thanks for posting!

Brady and Jarin 7:52 PM  

I love the picture of Cory with Bee in the pink coat with the little bear ears! They are both so photogenic! I also love Bee's red coat. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

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