Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brooklyn Blizzard

Saturday is began to snow and it didn't stop until the next day! It snowed the most I have seen in NYC. It snowed so much that our church had to cancel the Sunday morning service.

Sunday afternoon we treked through the snow to the park. It was beautiful but the Bee wasn't crazy about it. Too cold and too hard to walk. Her tiny baby boots kept coming off.

I love the day after a snow storm!
This is one of my favorite parts..walking through the tunnel to the snow party. It will be fun to sled with Bee when she is older.

Not a good time to own a car.
Our block. The snow gets piled so high! Some of the piles were as tall as me!
Out our window. Don't worry we are toasty warm in our apartment! The old Brooklyn radiators work almost too well!

Our friend Casey is a skateboarder and he performs in the Wintuk show at Madison Square Garden. He got us tickets for last Friday's show. We went and we loved it! The colors in the show are unbelievable beatiful. The performers were really fun to watch and Casey was great! A link to the wintuk homepage and other link to more fun info with a blurb about Casey...wintuk info.

Casey skateboarding reel!


Jordan 11:53 AM  

We are taking advantage of this free in-air wifi and being bumped up to first class. Thanks for all the snacks! We ate a bunch while we were waiting in the endless line to check in. We should be almost to SFO now. We wish we could have seen everyone last night. Bee is looking so much older. Thanks again to Cory for visiting us at the hotel. Merry Christmas!

Happynhanford 4:41 PM  

3 fun blogs! You are always having adventures! I love the aqua jumper on Bee! I remember Cory surrounding himself with books! Good to see Felix walking with Bee! Love the Hanukkah hats! :) Body paint is my favorite!
Thanks for the fun!

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