Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bee's having a party and you are invited!

Bee is almost one! Her birthday is October 13th but we are having her party on Saturday the 17th in the afteroon! It is a animal costume party. I hope you all can come and get dressed up too! Email me for directions and more information. In a perfect world I would be printing the invitaions and emailing them out but it is not going to happen. Please spread the word to those that won't see it on the internet.

Thank you! Bee is going to love seeing all of you!

side note: We have been gearing up for our California trip by trying to shift Bee's night time sleep to CA time but it might not happen. So, let me know if anyone is an early morning person because we will want to play! I will need to explore the Hanford/Lemore parks too if anyone can join us! It is really going to be 80 degress in October! I need to pack shorts and tank tops??? Do people swim in October in Hanford? Wow! I am really looking forward to our trip! Please pray for our safety and health as we travel because we always seem to get sick when we get to town. No fun.
Love and hugs to all!


Happynhanford 9:46 PM  

Can't wait to have the party!
Bee's Mimi

Three's Company at the Secondo's 11:56 AM  

We'll be there. I'm so glad you spent time with Hallie & Jon. Stay close to them, La Familia.

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