Thursday, September 03, 2009

Shop Til' You Drop

Bee and I stopped in at Lily and Fig's bakeshop for a treat! Karen, Bee, Lily, and the blackforest cake Karen had just finished! It was really yummy!Bee got to go shopping at the health food store!
Amy and Joe (Gaia's parents) owns a local health food store! Amy's mom bought her a really cool shopping cart! The girls are going to have lots of fun here! Thanks Gaia for sharing your store with Bee!
Gaia usually is the only baby shopping in the store but she enjoyed Bee's help!
The girls had so much fun taking things off the shelves! It was entertaining to watch them have so much fun! Bee did not want to leave!
We went into a kids shop and Bee and I fell in love with the stuffed animals. Jellycat is the brand of animals that we liked! I couldn't decide which one to get her so I didn't buy anything!
Amy, Michelle, Bryna, Me
Gaia, Sophia, Felix, Bee
We hung out at Michelle's house today. Amy and Bryna discovered that Michelle was a mutual friend of theirs last week, so we all got together to have the babies play!

The babies enjoyed eating snacks with the mommies!

A picture of Bee during dinner tonight! This picture will be proof that she actually enjoyed eating tofu incase it's hard for her to believe!


Three's Company at the Secondo's 10:32 AM  

I'll have the little one in the checked dress and a piece of cake please!

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