Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Don't go Summer! Stand by me a little longer!

Daddy and Bee!
Bee and Gaia met at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this afternoon for some fun!
They had a lot of fun crawling around, looking at the fountain, eating snacks, standing by themselves, and playing with leaves and bark!

Can you believe they can stand!!!

Bee getting some support from her buddy! Gaia's not so sure about it!

Bee enjoying her dinner! Cor liked her food mustache!
Amy came over to make the girls tutus! The girls didn't seem to want us to work! We finished our tutus when the girls were sleeping!
Cristina, Clem and Annie
Cristina, Will, Joe, Annie and Lauryn. Cristina, Will and Joe are moving to the West Coast so we had a good bye celebration! They left this past Saturday for Oregon. Will and Joe will be performing in a play there. It is really cool because it the play that Joe wrote!

Happy Birthday to Bryna!
She was born and raised in New York but she had never been to Magnolia's Bakery in Manhattan. So, we took the babies for a trip to the West Village for some treats!Bryna and I trying to take our picture with the cupcakes, but my little cupcake was making it difficult as she was trying to steal our desserts!
It's hard to see but Bee's fingers were covered in chocolate frosting!

Mommy get-to-gether!
Mommy pile-up
Clem and Bee at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Clem is in Paris right now visiting her family!
Will and Cristina came over to play with Bee before they fly to the West Coast!

Bee and Gaia standing!

Gaia can say "hi!"


Happynhanford 11:22 AM  

Oh our baby is growing up so fast! I love to see her standing! She has such darling outfits too! Thanks for all the pictures and update. I check everyday!
Nice big mom's group, did everyone trade babies? Only you guys would know.
Can't wait for you all to get here!
Mimi to BEE

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