Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hallie and Jon came to visit us in Brooklyn last Saturday. Hallie is my second cousin (my mom's cousins daughter) and Jon is her husband. Jon works for Amtrack so it is a nice ride to New York on the train for them! Hallie is due with their first baby (the gender will be a surprise) on November 4th and she is a high school French teacher! We have a lot in common and it was fun to talk with her about her upcoming pregnancy because one year ago I was in her same situation! Hallie and Jon have never spent time in Brooklyn so we took them around to see some of our favorite places! It was fun!

Bee up top!
What are they pointing at?
Bee giving daddy a kiss!
Hallie and Jon bought some cloth diapers from a family in Park Slope (the best place to get second hand baby things).
We thought it was a wedding but it turns out it is just the fanciest birthday celebration! A sweet sixteen!
Yeaaa for family!
Hallie and Bee have bright blue eyes! They bonded right away!
This might need an explanation! We were walking down a brownstone lined street in Park Slope when we came across a sweet old lady having a stoop sale of the best kind...a free sale! She was giving away all the unwanted kid things she had in her house! We got a "daddle!" It is a daddle saddle for horseback rides! We went to Prospect Park to relax and we had to try it! Bee loved it! I wouldn't spend $55 on it but for free we can't resist!
Bee is now a Philly's fan! I am so thankful to have gotten to spend time with Hallie and Jon! It was my first time meeting Jon and Hallie and I haven't seen each other since we were little! We are going to go visit them in Philadelphia after the baby is born! I am excited for her! I can't believe it has been one year since Bee was born. In a way it went really quickly but it also seemed like the hardest and longest year ever! Do mommies ever really get caught up on sleep?


Happynhanford 11:33 AM  

Thanks for the Daddle is a funny picture! Nice to have family visit!
See ya soon!
Bee's Mimi

Hallie Olson 4:38 PM  

Now that I have been mentioned in your blog, I am famous!! :) It was fun to see the pics. In some of them, I don't even think I look pregnant...just fat. :) Have fun in CA!

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