Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scott and Ashley

Scott and Ashely arrived early Tuesday morning. We had pancakes at Tom's Restaurant. I had the lemon ricotta pancakes which I was a little unsure about ordering them but they proved to be a winner! You can't go wrong with anything at Tom's! After breakfast we went to the Botanical Gardens. Here is the happy couple in the Tropical green house!Pretty!
Lots of pretty flowers!
Cory can walk!!!

Grand Army Plaza Fountain!
Scott and Ashely at the Stock Market.

Trinity Church
What are you thinking about Ashely?
At the park looking at the Statue of Liberty.
Dinner at Amorino's! Pizza is delicious!!! I had never had oranges and mint on my pizza before!

After dinner we went to Prospect Park for the Bob Dillon Concert! It was sold out but we (along with the rest of Brooklyn) sat on the grass listened outside the stadium!!! Ashley and Scott custom made onesies (I didn't know Gerber made organic clothes!) with
"Miss Bruce"
"Be Green" and
"Recycle Reduce Reuse For Me."
They are so cute!


Anonymous 11:39 PM  

Looks like Scott and Ashley are getting "The Tour"! I envy them for this week! Have a great time!


Bakka 5:54 AM  

the wind (aka cory) is always going strong down at the peak of the island. i guess its must be its job blowing the statues torch for all to see....

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