Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Shower

Naomi threw us a baby shower today! It was a lot of fun! We ate and played lots of baby games! It was fun celebrating the life inside me! Baby Bee came out to play too!

Happy Parents-2-Bee!Clem, Naomi, Annie, Bee, and Cristina
Will, Cory and Ryan.
Diaper challenge winners!
One view of Naomi's "Twice the Size of our 1st Apartment" kitchen!
Clean Up Time!
The beautiful and talented Naomi put on the baby shower for us!!! Thank you Naomi!!!
Another picture of us!
What happened Will?
Oh Yeaa!! Daddy Cory looks good in a diaper! I guess I won't have a problem putting a diaper on Bee!
Ready, Set, Go!
Naomi, Bernadatte, Hans, and Michael.
Cake Time!
It is a girl! But why when I have dreams about giving birth does it always end up a boy?
Matt (my fellow math co-worker), Addie (Matt's fiancee), Ryan and Clem
Their were 10 de-labled baby food jars that had to be figured out! It is tougher that you might think! The Papaya jar gave a lot of trouble!
Kristy and I worked together at the health food store!
Naomi put together a lovely spread of delicious foods! My one request...Fruit Bowl!!!! That is what I want 24/7 these days!


Anonymous 12:18 AM  

WAAAAYYYYY Cool Shower! I've seen Cory in Diapers before! Wow, that food looks amazing! You have the neatest friends! You're gonna be great parents! So excited for both of you! Enjoy!

Sojourner "you can't handle the" Truth 12:06 AM  

hey ladycakes--my kitchen looks like a cluttered mess.

which i guess it is.

i am so glad you had a great time--it was such fun!!! tell Bee I need her to come out a week early, okay?
PS: i REALLY want to meet Ferguson!

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