Monday, August 04, 2008

Brother Ali

Friday night we went to Brother Ali's concert. In Cory's opinion he is the greatest living rapper. While rap is not always my thing, I can say with confidence that I really like his music. After meeting him I can also say that he is a really nice guy too! We introduced him to Bee and he told us about his two kids.
It was a free concert at South Street Seaport and we thought we were going to be late, but we were not only on time, we were in the first row!
He is an albino rapper!
Video #1 Brother Ali's song "Walking Away," which is about walking away from the negative people in your life.

Video #2 Just a good song describing his experiences in Minneapolis.

Cory and I have been working non stop the past two days on the apartment. It is looking really good. The nursery and bathroom have been painted! I will be posting pictures soon. Cousin David just arrived from CA and is taking a nap before he ventures out.


Anonymous 11:46 PM  

Good blog. Can hardly wait for those new apartment pics.
Say HI to David and have a great time in NYC.
Give Bee a rub for me!

Anonymous 4:40 PM  

It's nice to finally meet Bee - can't wait to see her in person! Be especially nice to David & take lots of pictures of him with each of you to post on your blog. To David - have an incredible adventure with your favorite cousins!

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