Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Day in the City

It was Ashley and Scott's last day in NYC today! They left early for Manhattan and took a tour of the NBC building. When we met up with them it was time for a banana snack!

Banana Time!
Squirrel Fun!
The Flatiron Building.

The view of the Empire State building from a few streets away but we would soon be on top!

These days I am filling out the shirt that Nathan made for me! I got a lot more people looking at my belly today!

We could see our old apartment building on 30th Street!

The pigeon came a long way up to try to get a bite to eat from the tourists.
Not quite sure what this is but Cory said this picture was for Dennis!
Scott and Ashley couldn't leave town without visiting Magnolia's Bakery! We tried the icebox cake for the first time. It was so good!

I will leave you with this parting shot of Scott and Cory! Yes, those are matching bags!


nate-in-the-box 4:27 PM  

awesome! the matching bags comment was just the cherry on top. shirt looks good all filled out, should i get you one without the baby in the uterus for october?! (it would be a smaller shirt)

Anonymous 7:04 PM  

If you keep eating things like that from Magnolias, you're gonna get fat. Don't you just love the views from the ESB? M

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