Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cousin David and Paint

David enjoyed another day in New York! Today he went to Coney Island and swam with jelly fish. On Sunday, Cory painted our bathroom blue! I love it! The color makes me happy every time I go into the bathroom.
Our Nursery is yellow!!! Don't worry, we used No-VOC, low odor paint! I helped tape off the yellow room, but Cory completed everything else by himself! He did not want me near the fumes! Bee already has a good amount of clothes to get her started in life! The dresser is full of clothes and baby blankets!
As you can see we have just started to get Bee's room ready. It has a long way to go but we are really excited!!!
She already has a collection of toys and books!
On Monday night we went to Bryant Park's Summer Film Festival. We watched Alfred Hitchcock's "Life Boat". It was fun!
I learned that David has trouble keeping his eyes open with a camera flash!

I also learned that David snores!

We found a modern, versatile piece of furniture yesterday...
The Verner Panton "Phantom Chair"


Rachel :) 5:13 PM  

I love these new blogs. The apartment looks fantastic! and the two...oops...3!! of you are the cutest :) I really like Bee's strawberry outfit in one of the pictures :)

Sara LeeAnn 8:18 AM  

Your home is so darling. I love the shade of yellow in the nursery! I have been coveting that phantom chair for ages - is it comfy?

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