Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have a BEE in my BELLY

I have been fascinated with my belly lately! It is getting so big I just can't ignore it! Especially because Bee is an active little baby! It is so fun feeling her inside my belly! I look down and imagine what she is doing! I also look down and try to imagine what my stomach used/will eventually look like. The coolest thing is now sometimes I can feel her tiny foot pushing on me!!! Soon she will be here!

In this video you can see Bee moving!


Anonymous 11:33 PM  

That's a BIG BELLY! Wow, Bee listens and follows directions already! (Better than some of my '6th grade students!)

Maybe less than 2 more months to go!

School started for me today...only 186 days to go!

Love ya,

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