Thursday, December 07, 2006

Our 100th Blog!

This is our 100th blog. Can you believe it? What was your favorite? Maybe it is the crazy lady. That is one of my favorite's. It has not been confirmed, but she might be getting kicked out of our apartment building. I don't want her to leave without getting to talk to her. I wish I could do my own documentary on her.

This is a picture overlooking Union Square from Filene's 4th story. A village of booths has been set up for a season of shopping. For the holiday season a village of booths selling gifts takes up most of the space in Union Square. Also, in Union Square a light show has been set up through one of the walkways. Images are projected onto the ground that you can interact with. There is always something fun to see around here.


Mom 9:59 AM  

My favoirite is Annie's new hairdo's and Cory's benefit performance with the Bob'b Big Boy hair. As lovely as the city is, seeing my kids will always be number 1. Thanks for doing this to help me keep up! Love it! Love you! Mom

Anonymous 1:36 PM  

I find the ones I like the most are the ones with me in them....but then that seriously limits my choices.

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