Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mullets and Face Paint

I worked at two jobs today. One was working at a juice bar for 5 hours ($8.50/hour) and the other one was sitting in a chair for 5 hours ($30.00/hour).
The same studio who pays me to let them do my hair called me about another job. This one was working for Sebastian. There were four of us girls who were there to let them do our hair and makeup getting ready for a bridal workshop they will be putting on.

I was the "minimalist" bride. They practiced different hair styles. My favorite was the "mullet." The next one wasn't much better. I still look weird. I need my bangs back. Imagine if I had come down the isle at our wedding with a mullet.

I got home to a husband that had trouble taking me seriously with all of the face paint on. I took off the red lipstick and we left for dinner at "Zanzibars." Unfortunately it is closed on Sunday so we went to our defalt taco place. We get the fresh flour black bean tortillas.


amorphous nate 10:18 PM  

annie, you used to look good to me; but now i find ya "simply irresistable".

Head of beauty bingers 12 step group 11:29 PM  

Thats a whole lotta beauty in 2 days. You beauty binged! I'm sorry Zanzibar was closed you needed to be seen, you look mahvelous. Franky and I went on a zillion mile hike. I miss you

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