Friday, December 22, 2006

Crossword Wizard

Cory is the crossword wizard. He solved the "Onion's" crossword puzzle on his own, he didn't even use a dictionary. I probably could have answered two at best. That is why he is the wizard and I am not.

Tomorrow will be my 6th day of working in a row and unfortunately I got sick this week. It is just a cold and should be gone soon.

All of the webpages for and are up and running. Check them out and check back as often as you like because we will be updating them. I am working on concept ideas for my webpage.

I am going to bed early again.
Good Night.


Santa Shelley 7:59 PM  

Echinaea, Vit C and lots of rest. I miss you, Christmas is not the same without you guys.

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