Friday, December 01, 2006

Calm Before the Cold

Squirrels were everywhere. We were walking by a little park and Cory made the "squirrel noise" and ten squirrels came running. They were not shy at all. They even jumped up on Cory's leg. Too bad we didn't have any nuts to give them. Today the weather was very warm but there were showers. The weather will be dropping and dropping after today. It will finally feel like winter.

We had dinner at "Village Natural." We both ordered the vegi burgers and boy were they big. Cory was the first to try and eat the burger without making too big of a mess.


Anonymous 11:45 AM  

Those little critters look suspiciously like the ones G-pa Karl used to trap and take up to the hogback to release. You don't think...... It's also lucky the little guys live in the big city and not in Tennesee where they would be stew. Midget

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