Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miss New York

Here is a picture of Miss New York. Mallory tried to get this dress in pink but it was already copy protected by Miss New York. Sorry, Mallory maybe for Miss California.

I have been working on getting Cory a webpage for his music and for his new movie "Part Time Hero." Hopefully in the next few days they will be on the web.

From Lyle and Marlene we have a present to open on each day of Christmas. Today is the first and the gift was money to go iceskating. Today would have been a great day to go because the weather was warm but I had work, then tutoring and Cory had tutoring also. We are shooting for tomorrow, weather permitting.

Cory was an extra on an episode of "Law and Order" yesterday. He has now been on 3 T.V. shows, one movie and one commercial. What's next?

We watched the footage from our wedding reception,. It was fun seeing everyone. Ross was the camera man and he did a great job. We learned a lot of things about what went on. When Cory gets time he will edit it down for all to view.


amorphous nate 12:37 PM  

cory bruce: rapper/actor

inspiration: dmx, tupac, ja rule, puff-whatsisname, eminem, 50cent, ice cube, and lest we forget-snoop dogg.

(wasn't sure if justin timberlake counted)

make us proud.

amorphous nate 12:38 PM  

...and fellow "law and order" alum, Ice-T

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