Monday, December 18, 2006

Excuse me for not blogging so much lately. I have been working on Cory's website every second I can get. They are not finished but feel free to check them out and let us know what you think. is Cory's music site. is Cory's new movie's site. We are enjoying working on them together. Cory is the content/designer and I am the computer person.

Do you like "Versace?" I hope the ebay world does. I found these at a thrift store today and they are authentic Gianni Versace shoes. They will be on ebay tomorrow if you want to inflate the bidding for me!

I finally talked with the crazy lady from upstairs. I thought she had moved out, so I glad to see her yesterday. I saw her on my way out to the laundro-mat and on the way back in.
Annie "How are you?"
Lady "How are you?"
Annie "Laundry Day"
Lady "Laundry Day"

Annie "We came back at the same time"
Lady "Oh good...all that Laundry?"
Annie "Yes"
Lady "You got it?" (I was getting the laundry up the stoop)
Annie "Yea, thanks"

Pretty good conversation, wasn't it? She was still wearing the same clothes. Only she now has a warmer hat. When she said "all that laundry" it got me thinking. Am I wrong to have "all that laundry?" Maybe we should all live more simply. I tried to look up online to see if there were people like her but I didn't find anything, except a site about a lady who wore the same brown dress for one year as an experiment. Maybe the Crazy Lady is doing this. Check out the site because the lady even looks like her a


Anonymous 1:18 AM  

Sooooo....where do we look on eBay?

Anonymous 3:52 AM  

so i didnt wash my hair for a year, is that the same?

DennisMeister 7:13 AM  

Hey annie, ive been in germany for 2 weeks with the same 3 pair of pants and i have a pretty good ringworm on my right thigh. how does this lady do it?

OneOutfitWoman 7:38 PM  

My outfit is specially designed to ward off ring worm, and many other ailments. Good luck Dennis.

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