Thursday, November 05, 2009

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I do have more CA pictures but I wanted to take a break from that to get caught up with more current information! Bee has been learning new things each day! A few highlights...she can stack blocks, she likes to feed me and herself with a spoon, and she signs new words almost every day (book is her latest).

The morning after we got back to Brooklyn we met Gaia and Amy at the children's musuem (thanks Shelley and Grandma Peggy for the membership). Bee missed her BFF Gaia!

Bee loves to splash in the water!
The babies versus the dinosaurs!
The Eames Chair!
Halloween 2009
Bee: Parrot
Annie: Pirate
Cory: Hipster Cowboy

We met lots of other birds!
Bee and Gaia and a dog!
I enjoyed looking at everyone's costumes!
Amy and I took the girls down 7th ave in Park Slope for some trick or treating. The streats were so crowed. Here we are trick or treating at Corcoran! Cory thinks of the town we know in CA called Corcorn and it makes us laugh because the Corcoran in Brooklyn is a fancy realty business with a motto "Live Who You Are."
Lots of superheros were out patrolling the streets!
This was one of my favorites. A little trash man complete with an awesome homemade garbage truck complete with working lights. The mom (the trash) was a friend of Amy's.
Edgar: Spider, Michelle: Butterfly caught in a web, Olgierd: Dad, Felix: dragon, Gaia: little chick
We all hung out at Michelle's house before the parade.

On Michelle's block is the Halloween Dad's house! Every year he makes an elaborate haunted house for kids to come to. This year's theme was Indiana Jones.
Bee waves to the people at the Park Slope Halloween Parade!
Bee wearing Gaia's shoes (they are too big for her too)."Look through this Gaia"
I received a fun surprise this week! A birthday present from Lyle and Marlene! Two fun cookbooks and homemade cookies!!! Thank you so much!!!
We traveled to Manhattan on Tuesday to enjoy the nice fall weather! We took the train to Canal street and had fun walking around Chinatown. This street vendor had the best selection of green vegetables!
Fish Market! Bee smelled something fishy about this place!
The crabs were alive!
The vegetables look so good!
Lots of fun interesting things here! I bought some candies and tapioca balls.
Not sure what they are playing.
Confucius Square
Bee has her own personal Mama Eatery that she goes to everyday!
Swing break!
I love Cory and Bee!
Kingsburg, Ca representing in China Town!
This picture is for Melissa's friend Mad Panda back in Lemoore!
Who will win?
Bubble tea for me! At a store in china town I bought my own bubbles (tapioca balls) and made my own Bubble (boba) tonight! Our friend Dennis wanted to open up a boba shop! I hope he does someday!
Where in the world can you find a really cool globe on the side of the street? Chinatown!!!
A very interesting building.
We ate Himalayan food for the first time and it is now my new favorite!
Butter Lane is a new cupcake place in Manhattan. We just had to go! We love our cupcakes!
They have three different types of cake and about 18 types of icings to choose from! That's 54 different cupcakes to choose from! I had a hard time but decided on my usual, chocolate with chocolate to be able to rate the cupcake fairly with others. I would give the frosting a 10 but a 6 for the cake. Instead of spending $3 on a cupcake, next time I will get the shot of frosting for $1. The frosting is my favorite part anyways!

Gaia came over to play! Bee loves Gaia! She wouldn't let Gaia leave her side for the first ten minutes! It's fun to watch them start to really enjoy each other!
Bee loves cats so much! She is really good at spotting anything that resembles a cat. She will say "yaya" (her version of cat) and I won't know what she is talking about until after a minute of looking I too find a cat. This happened in the store and there was a little ceramic cat sitting on a shelf.
Bee loves her Jellycat! We do too! The brand Jellycat makes really good quality stuffed animals that are safe for little ones and look good too!
My new secretary desk from Ikea! We bought it off craigslist and it is just what I needed. I used some birthday money to buy it! My goal is to have only my laptop and sewingmachine in the desk (not my usual clutter). Even though with a desk like this you just close the top and the clutter disappears! Cory is the sweetest husband. He wheeled this desk home from downtown Brooklyn to our hose (2.4 miles). Who needs a "man with a van" when you have a "husband with a furniture mover!" Thanks Cory!
Bee and Gaia at the Childrens Musuem

Bee and Gaia at Gaia's Grandma Suzy's house!

Bee and her new jellycat kitten!


Three's Company at the Secondo's 12:50 AM  

You have been busy! Looks like loads of fun . Have a great Birthday. I love you!

Happynhanford 12:51 AM  

Terrific pictures! Thanks for the Bee update. Love the walking video! She is really growing up!
Looks like lots of fun!
Love to all!
Bee's Mimi

Happynhanford 12:56 PM  

The cup in the mouth is the secret to the walking. When she first started taking off, she always had something in her hand or mouth and just forgot what she was doing and took off. I should write a book. L

Happynhanford 1:02 PM  

Do you find yourselves getting out of breath when you climb that mountain of Himalayan food? L

Three's Company at the Secondo's 8:50 AM  

I didn't watch the video the first time through. That girl is walking! Yeah Bee! My first big sale Craigslist was 6 Eames molded fiberglass chairs in orange. I think Cory was with me when I got them. Maybe that's a cousin.

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