Saturday, November 07, 2009

29 Forever!

This is it! My last year as a twenty year old. I better make it good!!!
Yesterday I had some friends over for a cupcake playdate! We all ate cupcakes and played with our kids! Fun was had!

Bryna and Felix, Jenna and James, A and B, Susan and Theo, Amy and Gaia
Bryant, Bee, James, Ellie, Gaia, Theo, Alice and Anna
It was funny because all of the babies were crowded into one corner of the room at the same time (The secret: Bryant was handing out snacks!).

Ellie, Bee and Gaia had some fun!
James is so cute in his winter gear!
Amy brought me 3 packs of her kale chips!!! I love them! She now sells them in health food stores around the city!

I liked getting ot make a pretty table with yummy things to eat on it!
All of the desserts came from Lily and Fig Bakery except for the baby friendly cupcakes that Bryna made! We had 6 kinds of cupcakes (baby friendly, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, coconut and lemon meringue).

They are such little girls now! They like to walk everywhere!
Thanks to all that helped to make this a special day for me!

Cute video of the 3 girls playing!


Three's Company at the Secondo's 9:47 AM  

You will always be 2 forever to me. Your table setting was scrumtious. Love you

Rachel :) 4:32 PM  

Yeah! Happy Birthday. Can't believe the end of our 20s is so close!! Hope it was a special day :)

Happynhanford 11:41 PM  

What a beautiful table dressing and goodies! That was a nice group of friends and babies. The kids are really fun to see and watch! Glad you had a great day!
Love to all,
Bee's Mimi

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