Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CA Part 5: Bee's First Birthday Party

Bee had a fun first birthday party! Thanks to all who came! Here are a few pictures! I will try to caption as best as I can. I will not be putting Cory, Annie or Bee next to the pictures. But I will tell you that we are Lions. I bought Cory's costume from a stoop sale this summer from a women who made it for the theatre ($2) and I bought the extra fabric ($1) and made the other two costumes while I was in Hanford. I thought Bee would have lasted 5 minutes in her costume but she didn't even notice!

For more Bee in CA check out...

Tammy and Keith (my aunt and uncle)

Great Grandama Asta and Great Grandpa Tom.
Cheryl (Cory's cousin), Nancy (Cory's cousin), Avery (Cheryl's baby).
Kerry, Jess and baby Jordan. Kerry was a best friend of my mom and Jess is her daughter who I grew up with!

Barbara as a lady bug! Barbara was a best friend of my moms!
Cristina and Jessica! We are all cats!
Rico is a good friend of ours and these are his kids!
Papa Lyle as a dog who can cook really well!
Sara, Jeoff, Joshua, Maddie, Addison, Sheryl (cory's cousins)
3 of the 4 cakes!!!
Scott and Ashley (our good friends)
Mimi marlene as a cute Bee with Kristian!
Stephen as "Animal from the Muppets." He is our good friend and he is the one who took the awesome pictures of Bee.
Kathy and Linda. Friends of mine! Kathy works at LHS and Linda used to be my boss at the awesome Cards a' Lemoore!
Jill, Dad, Melissa! My fam!
The amazing cake the Jill and Melissa made for me! What wasn't eaten at the party was eaten by me over the course of a week! I loved it! No hydrogenated oils!
Sara, Cristina, Jessica, Nancy
Bee had fun opening gifts!
The parrot and Micah!
Greg, Colson and Tyler. Tyler is a college friend!
Philip (my bib bro) , Allyson (sis in law), Callie (niece)
Katy and Kaitlyn

Mimi Marlene made her a fun birthday sign!!


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