Sunday, November 01, 2009

California Pictures Part 3

Here are more CA pictures! I will post even more tomorrow! I am trying to get caught up so I can post the recent pictures!

Jason and me at the LHS homecoming game!
I met a few classmates at the game for our 10 year reunion!
I think Bee spotted the cat!
Cory, Lyle, Nathan, Lois, Bee and Marlene. We had a little yard sale while we were in town.
Bee is wearing Cory's baby shoes (he wore them at 5/6 months old) and she is sitting in Cory's stroller! Wow! As Marlene said "It's no Maclaren stroller but it get's the job done!"
My friends came by! Melissa has been my friend since we were little girls. Now we have little girls!!!
My reunion was at a bar in Hanford. 10 years flew by!
Lots of classmates were there!
Uncle Nathan came down to visit Bee! This picture was taken just before he had to drive back home!
Bee had a lot of fun with her Mimi!
Church! Cory, Nathan, Kristian and Taylor!
Bee thinks it is cute to not always look at the camera!
Bee says hi to Susan and Shirley!
Family picture after church!
Like Father, Like Mother, Like Daughter!
Bee meets Brian!
Sunday for part 3 of my high school reunion we met at Lemoore Park! Here is my friend Faith and her kids!
Bee likes to open/close doors!
Bee got into lots of trouble with Grandma's chocolate stash!
Puppies for Bee?!
Bee taught her Papa a few keyboard shortcuts!

Bee's actual birthday was during the week (her part was on Sat) but Mimi made sure she had lots of presents to open!
Bee turned one year old!!!
Bee opens a present from her Great Grandma Lois! It was a bubble machine!A family picture with a one year old baby Bee! This past year has been great! So many changes!!!
Lyle made me dinner and cookies! Wow! They were so good. My only regret is I left some of the cookies in his freezer! I hope they went to a good home!
Can you spot Cory in his boat? This is the reservoir/park behind Cory's house. Whenever there is a big rain it is a great spot for a boat ride!

Shelley taking Bee for a stroll! We had the best weather in CA! It was so warm!
Hi Great Grandma!
Dinner at Tammy and Keith's house!
Lunch with Cory, Bee, Peggy and Shelley!
We went to lunch for Grandpa Robert's Birthday!
We went out to eat for my dad's Birthday! Happy Birthday! He is holding an old picture of him and his first car that I found in my storage.
The Fam!
We did not plan this!
My Dad
Asta, Annie, Robert, Tom
Jason, Melissa, Annie, and Cory


Jon and Jolie 11:17 PM  

Can I just tell you how jealous of Cory my husband is. . . there is a water bed right down the street from us, but fenced in. It has been a life long dream for him to take a boat out there and just paddle! Sorry we missed the party, it's been so chaotic here! I am glad you had a great time! next time we will definately have to get together and let our kiddos play.

nate-in-the-box 1:10 PM  

i finally made the blog. its good to see what else you guys got up to in town. it was great to see you, and the bee.

Three's Company at the Secondo's 1:30 PM  

It was great to spend some time with Bee, oh and you guys too! Love ya

Happynhanford 12:35 AM  

Terrific pics of many memories you made for us! Thank you for coming and being with us and sharing your Bee with everyone. She is a God given treasure and such a sweetheart! You and Cory are great parents and I appreciate that!
Much love!
Bee's Mimi

Melissa 2:19 AM  

Ha Ha Cute! We look like we could almost be real sisters in some of these pictures, or cousins or something, lol. I had so much fun with you guys here. Can't wait to see you next month... I wish lol. Well I will try my hardest to come visit you as soon as I can. I love you guys and already miss you.

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