Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CA Part 4: Cristina and Jessica Visit Hanford

Jessica and Cristina drove down from LA to come to Bee's First Birthday Party. The arrived on Friday night and had just enough time to give them a tour of the old downtown Hanford!

We started at the Fox Theatre.

Hanford Auditorium
I was scared!
Superior Dairy was closing when we arrived. Bummer!
The Bastille! Cory was informing them of the scary stories about this place!
A bad picture of the Carousel. Next time we are in town I want to take Bee for a ride on it!
The Court House. Which is not used as a court house any longer. Now different business operate out of this cool old building.
The Carnegie Museum. I learned that one of the things on display is a dress that was made for Amelia Earhart because her friend lived in Hanford and Amelia used to come and visit her! But the dress that was made for her was never picked up because she disappeared before she had a chance to get it. I think while I took this picture Cory was reenacting a scene from one of the movies he made.
Shadow Game!
Brown Shoes has been in Hanford for a very long time!!! We were looking at the Danskos in the window.
The old Phone Booth in the Opera House. People came from all over to visit the Hanford Opera House. Now the building is apartments.
The good old Comfort Inn. We showed them the room which was our Honeymoon Suite!
Annie, Cory and the BEE!!!
Art Works is being renovated.
The downtown Hanford Visitor center. Not sure if this tiny building was ever used but we think it's kinda funny.
We like this old motel sign.
Irwin Street Inn
The old Canon
Thanks again Jessica and Cristina for visiting Hanford! We miss you here in Brooklyn!


Happynhanford 4:47 PM  

Wow! I enjoyed the Hanford tour with you! Great shots of the important places! Great to see Christina and Jessica. They are the nicest girls! Love those ladies!
FYI -For Christina....Monday, I ate the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar. Thanks! Yummy!
Great Blog Annie!
Love to all,
Mimi to BEE

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