Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bee swims and climbs

Bee looking at Bryna and Felix while she sits in her stroller and eats her vegetables!
I put Bee next to the stairs and she started to climb! I didn't know she could climb but she knew! I wonder how long she has been able to do this? She does climb over everything at home to get where and what she wants! Kids grow up so fast! Pardon Bee's interesting wardrobe choice! She was wearing her dress but I had to add a few things to give her more protection!
Next time we go to the park I will be Bee in the speedsuit Shelley recommended!

Bryna and Felix took us to a new park near their house. I like the cat tail water fountain!
Bee can rock clim too, but all I got was this picture!
Yesterday we went over to Rachel and Lilah's house for a swim! Bee likes the water!
5 babies!!!
Can't believe it's the middle of July and it's not even hot yet! Brooklyn is having a record breaking cool summer! It is just warm enough to swim!!!
Mia, Lilah, Bee, Nathan and Klye hanging out after the dip in the pool!


Happynhanford 6:29 PM  

Cute pool party! Wow, Walls and Stairs in the same blog! She is growing up fast! What a smart girl!
Love those new front teeth!
Hugs and Kisses!

Three's Company at the Secondo's 11:39 PM  

She'll be walking in no time. Then you in for it. Go Bee Go!

Happynhanford 11:19 AM  

I think I saw that outfit on the runway. Who is dressing her now....Dior or Mark Jacobs??? D

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