Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bee and the Boys

Praise God!!!

Bee likes to grab the leaves when she walks under the trees!
Everyone loves Teddy!
Two favorite desserts that my mom used to make: Chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake!!! I decided to make strawberry shortcake with my new hand blender! It was a wedding gift that just made it to NY! My parents had their wedding blender for over 20 years. I wonder if Bee will be using my blender when she is older!
I whipped up some cream, cut the strawberries and bought some angel food cake (my mom made homemade bisquits but I can't right now as I don't have much time and my oven doesn't work!) It was yummy!
Will and Bee have a stare off!
We went to Bog and Max's apartment!
They have a ton of plants planted on their back patio!
I love Geometry! Max is making a really cool geogeodesic dome. It will be a great fort when he puts the cover on!


Happynhanford 5:29 PM  

Praise God! Pull Leaves! Glare at Will! Dance on table top!.....Man that girl has talent!

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