Sunday, March 29, 2009

Smiles, Skates, Games, Books, Dots, Parks

Bee loves her cloth books! She will play with them for a long time!!! This red one is her favorite!

This is a fun book! It has mirrors on the pages and it very fitting for Bee!
The last round of naked pictures were taken with a low quality setting on our camera. I didn't realize I had changed it. So, Cory wanted me to take some more! Bee didn't mind at all!

Bee in a polka dot onesie that her Mimi gave her!

It's good that all she needs is Love because that is what we have for her!
Daddy Cory has been working hard in his studio this past week! He turned out living room into a green screen studio for his work. I learned that proper lighting is the most important thing about green screening. If we have time today we are going to play with Bee in the screen screen room.
This was not green screened. Bee is actually in Prospect Park. We found a hill that we really like and we named it "The Bee Hill." We are excited that the weather keeps getting warmer!

Cute picture of a father and daughter! It is really fun now that Bee doesn't freeze up when she sees the camera. I didn't think taking pictures of her could get even funner!
Bee has a quick snack after her bath!
Baby Bee in the daddy pack.
On our walk yesterday we found a vintage pair of roller skates in just my size! They even had a package of new skating laces in the package. Cory laced and oiled them and I was off! We had fun reminiscing of good old Roller Town in Visalia!
Uncle Nathan has a mohawk so Bee wanted one too! I made up a game called the "crane game." This one doesn't take quarters.


Anonymous 9:29 PM  

Wow! Her smiles are amazing! I love seeing her little teeth ready to pop through! What a perfect book for Bee girl! Nice game, nice mohawk! And I love the strawberry hat with daddy picture! I felt like I was with you in the skate find....glad they fit!
Thanks for all you share!
Love, MIMI

Vintage, that's how we roll! 1:58 PM  

Bee is Adorable. I have vintage skates too! I've given them the nickname "hip replacement". Miss you

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