Monday, March 09, 2009

Bee Bee

Bee update: She will be 5 month old on Friday! I can't believe how fast she learns new things. For fun I like to hold two toys in front of her and watch her decide which one to grab. She has some favorites! She also lets you know when she is not happy. She is very particular. Some would say spoiled but I would say opinionated! The time change yesterday threw us off a bit so Bee's schedule is off too. Her night time sleep has been different each night which means she has been waking up more. Sleep training is never done! But I am just trying to go with the flow. I was told to enjoy the 3am wake up calls because they won't last forever. I say "prove it!"
The weather got really nice for a couple of days. Bee really enjoyed the walks without having to be totally bundled up! Spring is just around the corner!!!

I tried to get a picture of Bee's hands but she likes to grab for the camera!

Felix and Edgar came over for a visit. Bee and Felix even held hands for a little bit.
Michelle is holding her doll!
We had our biggest snow yet on March 1 and 2nd. After it stopped snowing I went on a walk while Bee was taking a nap at home. Here is what I saw...
This is our our front window. The lady had to get her car out of the snow!
Our backyard through our window. Notice the new condo being built in the back.
For days after the snow you saw a lot of snow covered parked cars.
Talk about an "Ice Bath!"
The street corner near our house. The laundromat on the left is the one we go to now. The just remodeled and it is really nice inside! This is also where we got our Laundromat sign that is hanging in our bedroom. When they took down their old (very cute sign) I asked them if we could take it home!

Eastern Parkway benches were not so inviting to sit on! But I did enjoy taking pictures of them.
The Brooklyn Museum.

At Prospect Park I saw lots of Dad's pulling their kids!

Bee is going to have fun sledding when she gets older!


Anonymous 3:09 AM  

Oh my goodness, Bee is even cuter than 2 months ago!!! I love the laughing video!! She is so adorable and I miss her and you both so much!!! I spent the day with Jess in her classroom full of second graders. I am so excited for her baby to be born. Love and prayers. Kerry

Anonymous 10:47 PM  

Memories.....Being raised in the Colorado snow...brings back many childhood memories! I used to have sleds and saucers, even a toboggon, ice skates and all the snow clothes. Now, I love your pictures and have fond memories... but I do not miss the cold! It will be fun for Bee! By the way...down the hill was always much more fun than climbing up!
Bee is beautiful!

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