Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Day followed by Naked Day

Last Sunday after church we watched the Brooklyn St. Patricks Day Parade. It was the best Parade because we got to walk against the parade (seeing it in fast motion) and it was on our walk home! In Manhattan when you watch a parade you can barely see the parade much less walk the sidewalks!

Some of our church friends!
Lots of Bagpipes!
Not sure what is happening here. Poor little girls.
I noticed a lot of people wearing knitted sweaters. I call them Grandma Asta sweaters because she used to make ones just like it. In fact I have a couple but I din't know it was an Irish thing.

This dog was huge! It is hard to tell by this picture but he looked like a bear!

Bee and I on St. Paticks Day dressed all in green. Marlene Bee is wearing the long sleeved onsie that you sent. I thought it might be big on her since is is 9mo size but it fit her great! Bee is sure getting big!After the park I went to Bryna's house for our weekly get together. We sewed babylegs out of our old socks.
Bee in her birthday suit for a photo shoot! She is a happy girl!
Guess who this is? It is Daddy Cory of course!


Anonymous 9:33 PM  

Loved the parade, and the babies, but nothing could compare with the Birthday Suit Photo Shoot! She is a beautiful baby! Nice shot of Cory too!
Thanks for the update!

Travel_with_a_purpose 10:05 PM  

Great pictures of Bee!

Anonymous 12:24 AM  

Oh Annie and Cory, Bee is precious!!! I miss you all so much!!! I got to hold a 6 week old baby for the afternoon on Saturday-practicing for when Jess and JT's baby arrives!!! Seriously, baby Bee is gorgeous and she is changing so quickly. I want to come visit again. I will start saving my southwest coupons !!! Love you all. Kerry

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