Saturday, April 04, 2009

Super Bee can talk!

Bee says daddy!

I can't remember where I got this strawberry outfit but it still had the tags on it and it is pretty old. This seems like an outfit I would have worn in the 80s!Berry was my top choice for a middle name. BBB!

Bryna (Felix's mommy) bought us all super hero onesies from a man who makes them here in Brooklyn. We planned on wearing them for our weekly hangout and so I made them some superhero accessories! Bee's cape was on old silk skirt I never wore!
What I thought was interesting was that the onesies were all 3-6 month size! They all fit! Bee's just fits a little more like spandex.
I don't know if I need to mention this but I think Super Bee is super cute!

After taking pictures of our baby super hero's Bryna, Michelle and I went on a walk. It felt like a warm summer day! The park was full of people. We ran into some other mommies that we knew. Here baby Leonardo (who is a week only but can crawl!) crawls over to Baby Bee. If Bee stays this cute she is going to have to get used to boys making their move!

Bee looks cute in her shirt and jeans! Aunty Shelley gave Bee this shirt to us when I was pregnant! I thought it was perfect for her to wear because the night before this picture was taken Bee kept waking up so no one was sleeping!
Bee is about 5 1/2 but we wanted to celebrate her 6month b-day a little early with some presents that Cory bought her a long time ago! She loves toys!


Anonymous 4:54 PM  

Super Bee us Super Smart! I clearly heard "Daddy!" Daddy is pretty proud of his big girl! Super Pics of super baby heros!
Nice work Annie!
Hugs and Kisses!

Bee's Norcal connection 4:18 PM  

She Speaks! I love the photo of be in the middle of the wee little men. She's trying to stretch and pop out of her super onesie. 2Cute

Anonymous 4:12 PM  

Wow, bee is BEEUTIFUL!!! I love all the new photos and the video of her saying Dada is precious. I miss you all!!!

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