Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday At Home

Thanksgiving 2010
We had planned on spending the afternoon with Bryna, Olgierd and Felix but plans changed because Bee was sick. The night before Thanksgiving Bee woke up at least 8 times. Her cough and fever kept waking her up. We spent all day of Thanksgiving at home trying to help Bee feel better! We decided to make the best of staying home so we put on our fall colors (Bee's dress made by Mimi!) and we took a family picture and sat down for a family thanksgiving lunch.

It had been 5 years since I had eaten my grandmothers stuffing so I decided to finally make it this year! It turned out great! Homemade cranberry sauce, acorn squash with tempeh and pumpkin muffins. I think Bee had two bites! She didn't feel like eating much since she felt so crummy! Thanksgiving is not a fun day to have a fever! Thankfully Cory and I were feeling great so we got to eat a lot!
Guess who does the dishes every day in our house? Cory!
Thank you Cory!
We are so very thankful for many things!!


Happynhanford 9:36 PM  

Excellent family picture! Food looks yummy! I am glad to hear that Bee is feeling better. Cute fall color on her!
Love your blogs!

Three's Company at the Secondo's 12:35 AM  

Fall color or GIANTS dress? Way to go Mimi...represent! Too Cute!

Happynhanford 11:50 AM  

Love me some stuffin'. L

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