Monday, November 08, 2010

3 Things that make you say "Wow"

Empire State Building looking really pretty! Cory and I went Ice Skating in Manhattan last week!

I got to watch some of the last World Series Game in Times Square. Way to go Giants!!! The final score was 3 to 1 but this picture was taken right before the Rangers scored their only run!

Cory with the giant white ball on his head. Cory and Michelle performed for trick-or-treaters. They were mesmerized by the giant ball. Cory heard them asking lot's of questions. Some of them weren't' even sure if he was real or not!


Happynhanford 12:59 AM  

#1 - Beautiful
#2 - Wow
#3- Toooooo Funny!
Love the blog!

Happynhanford 12:51 PM  

Jack's illegitimate kid. L

Bakka 11:08 AM  

good thing you kept your balls, they seem to be useful.....

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