Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Carousel, pink tights, hats, birthday food, running and schools!

The Prospect Park Carousel has been shut down for the winter! Bee and I went on one of the last days last weekend! It opened at 12pm and we arrived at 11:50 so Bee waited!

Bee loves the carousel!!!

On my birthday last Saturday Bee and I spent the morning together playing. I guess Bee was so excited she just had to get up at 5:30 on my birthday! Mid-morning we took a walk to the library and bought lunch at the Grand Army Plaza Green Market. At home I put Bee in her hot pink fishnet tights that Joe and Jessica gave her! Both Bee and I love them so much! Pink! The trouble is I like them so much I won't let her wear them outside! I'll save that for next Spring/Summer! To cold anyways!

On our way to the Library! Bee's hat was made by Rebecca! Rebecca is a good family friend of the Secondo Clan! We met her last time we were in California! Thanks Rebecca!
Bee and Cory took me out to dinner for my birthday! Indian food for us! Bee's got her eyes on the naan bread!
Our dinner has arrived! It might not look like much but it is so tasty and flavorful!
It get's so dark early! Bee walked all the way home from dinner! About 12 blocks!
Monday morning November 8th was the New York City Marathon. Part of the race was just a few blocks away. I took Bee to go watch! This is a picture of the pack of leaders. Bee was cold and quite cranky so I only got to watch a few minutes but those few minutes were really cool! The women are amazing and inspiring! I miss my college track days! I run a little now but it's not enough for me to be in the shape that I wish I was! Maybe I should be running now instead of blogging? Bee just got to bed so really I have no excuse!
The next two pictures were taken last week when we were in Manhattan!
A fire alarm had gone off in one of the buildings.

The New School...

The Really New School!
The New School is a big school in Manhattan that includes lots of subdivision of specialty schools. For instance...Parsons Design School is a part of the New School. Parsons is one of Melissa (my sis) top choices for Interior Design School! Applications are due in February and she should know by March! She is excited but her older Sister Annie can't wait!!!!! Bee, Cory and I are to love it if Melissa comes to school in NY! No matter what happens I am so proud of you Melissa!
I'm off to go running...maybe


Three's Company at the Secondo's 9:20 AM  

I think we need to get that little girl her own carousel...pronto! She should wait and want for nothing!sniz

Happynhanford 6:18 PM  

Love the knitted hat and that picture! Bee looks good in the little blue headband. Love the fishnet tights!
You all look wonderful!
Hugs & Kisses to all!

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