Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stop and Smell the Lilacs

Bee loves to smell pretty flowers! These lilacs at the BBG smelled amazing!


Travel_with_a_purpose 6:22 PM  

Great picture!

Happynhanford 8:32 PM  

She's really growing up!

L.B 1:15 AM  

I live in the wrong part of the world... Here in Sweden it's still cool outside. Especially in the north were I live.

Please tell Cory I said hi.
You've got a very nice blog and a beautiful child.


Three's Company at the Secondo's 9:36 PM  

I Love Bee!

Melissa 1:27 AM  

This is too cute. I can't wait to be with you guys and stop and smell the flowers with you. :) miss you guys. <3

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