Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mommy Day 2010

I hope all the mothers had a very special mother's day! I had a lovely day! It was my 2nd matching mother's day! I used vintage patterns to make Bee and my dresses. Bee's was pretty easy but I had trouble with mine. I didn't think I was going to fit into the 1960's sizes so I tried to enlarge the pattern. Turned out I just made more work for me because I made it too big. I ended up reversing the bodice too. It was my first attempt at making a dress for myself. I learned alot! One reason I love to sew is because it helps me feel closer to my mom who was an amazing seemstress! I also made matching hair clips for me and Bee and a bowtie for Cory!

The three of us after church.

I love using vintage pattners but they can be very frustrating! Could someone please tell me how their waist lines were so small. My waist measurement is literally off the chart!

We went to Jennifer, Mike and baby Oscars house for a Mother's day celebration! Mike and Scott are coloring with the kids!
Edgar likes to smile for the camera!
Feeding the kids is a messy job!
Bee flushing her first poo poo in the potty!!!
Adventure Bee and I took a walk and ran into a film set a few blocks from our house. They were filming "Bored to Death" and we got to see the two main actors! They did a shot that took place in front of our favorite neighborhood pizza place! This picture is of Bee on the playground across the street from the pizza place. It is the playground that belongs to the school P.S. 321.

P.S. 321 is the elementary school that we are zoned for. We are super excited because it one of the best publice schools in NYC! So, I like to say...P.S. 321 Here we come!

Last Thursday our mom's group got together in the park to celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day! We tried to have all the kids stay in one place to take a picture but this is how that idea turned out! We did take a mommy/baby picture but I don't have it yet!
Bee looks like she is off to school! Bee loves to carry her backpack! She does not let me carry it for her. When we are getting ready to leave the house I tell her to pack her bag and she does! Often I have to tell her to leave a few things at home as she wants to take all her babies! She is a good listener!
This is Bee in our hallway. Since we live on the 3rd floor we like to still carry Bee down the stairs, so she is waiting for me to pick her up! She loves to wear sunglasses!


Travel_with_a_purpose 12:26 AM  

A - B - C That's great, Annie! I love it.

Happynhanford 12:51 AM  

Very cute outfits! You look terrific in the family theme! Bee looks cute with her backpack and sunglasses! She is really getting big. I know she is a good listener. She really minds you on the webcam.
Happy Mother's Day again.
Love these blogs and pics!
Love you all,

nate-in-the-box 7:47 PM  

annie, great job on the outfits.

cory, button your top button with a bowtie-knucklehead.

bee, just keep doing what you're doing.

coryandannie 10:22 PM  

Nate: That shirt fits perfectly *except* for the size 15 neck, which is waaaay too small for my neck. I wore it as it fit, and I'd do it again.

Three's Company at the Secondo's 12:58 PM  

Adorable! Your Mommy would be as proud as I am!
It seems the humans species is evolving...losing our waists and necks. We are destined to be teletubbies. Better start Bee on the Pilates, stat!

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